I am leaving you
because of your knees
they should have been longer
and you would have been taller
if you know what I mean
I am leaving you because of your eyes
they should have blue or maybe grey
or brown with flecks of green if they
make them that way
I am leaving you because of your nose
it snores loud at night enough to curl my toes
And that too
I am leaving you because of your toes
if I didn’t know better and think that
it could make anything that isn’t already
terminally worse a little plastic surgery
a nick and tuck here and there couldn’t
hurt. But I have said it already
And it could be worse.
I am really leaving you because of your



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Magical, twinkling ,whimsical
Smile that warms up my heart
Makes me want to squeeze him forever
And forget about all his other crazy parts

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The Postman

The postman stopped as
he put the letters in the doors
of the houses every day of the city with
the skyline that you can see as you look
beyond the trees.

“Is there something you want to ask me?”

I looked up at him after bending down
to pick up the mitten I had dropped on the street

” Do you watch the clouds  as they
drift in the wind in the night where you can
see them in the trees in the city with
the skyline?”

I figured he would understand if I said something,
Something to think about as he put letters in the
doors of the houses everyday in the city with the

The postman stopped and said with a smile,
like he was trying to understand, “You are so funny.”

Yes, I know, maybe so.


Maybe he will stop and  look up when he goes home,
and see the clouds passing over the rooftops, through the trees
of the city with the skyline, at night.

Maybe so.



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last night

last night i was listening for
a sound to hold onto and take me down to
a sonorous sound i could wrap my thoughts
onto and keep
a sound of rain or wind blowing and tapping on my
window pane
the constant rush of cars going by or the distant sound of
the train
i even tried to listen for sound in the silence as hard as I could
maybe too hard,
but i still thought i would try

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On An As Needed Basis

Synapses crackling in the morning

One eye open then the next
I don’t like to use my brain too
Afraid it might break
I am older and I don’t need
my brain to be on all the time
Just on an as needed basis
seems to be just fine
but generally speaking I can get
along better than most
with one one brain tied behind
my back
there are some days
it is preferable to just coast

but then again being a stranger in a
strange land gives us a clue who we really are.


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Just as a Personal Aside

If one decides if is necessary to run away from
It is not necessary to bring one’s home
with them
at least if you are serious
you really don’t want or wouldn’t want too.

Unless of course there are cream cheese and bagels

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Tidal Waves

Tidal waves thoughts
Are just rolling right in
Should I fight it or say
I give up, I am beat, you are right
You win
What do do about the frozen chicken
Unthawed, uncooked, too young to be dead
never having a chance to roost and grow little
And other things like after shaving
Why are those loooonnng hairs still
upon my legs?
And just as a personal side
If one would decide it is necessary to run away
What would one take and
Where would one hide?
I was thinking maybe the library.
I am Slim and there are lots of books and stacks
I could pick an unobtrusive one
A stack in the back and slip myself in
Where no one would find me
Or curl up in the book return bin

Or perhaps it would just be better
to just go for a walk
And then when the sunrise was
more than over
Call a friend for a long talk

The thought of trying to get out of the book bin
is rather unappealing especially after the library
is locked.

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Wings of Sleep

Owls and Griffins
both have wings
Much is written about both of these things
On the Wings of Nocturnal Owls
May the Red Headed Griffin keep

the deep dreams of the
Owls in his

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It was an odd day

Letting a quilt go after so much time

The included instructions for use are (ahem) as

For home use only
We don’t want you dragging your new quilt
everywhere you go it just makes it feel insecure
Gentle wash cold water
Do not barf or wipe your buggers anywhere on this
quilt you will hurt it’s feelings
Line dry
Not if it is raining or snowing…if either please find a
loving place to talk to it as it dries
No bleach please
We folks of color like to stay that way


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Goo Goo Butts

What’s for supper?
Marinated goo goo butts.
Here, sit down
I will put them in little cup
Be careful and stuff their little legs in
before you drink it all up
Oh you need a napkin,
Here, wipe your chin
You know they are delicious
Shhhh Don’t slurp so loud
The Goo Goo Butts have ears
There’s more you know
Never can get enough of those
(get back in there!)
Marinated Goo Goo Butts,
My dear

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