Goo Goo Butts

What’s for supper?
Marinated goo goo butts.
Here, sit down
I will put them in little cup
Be careful and stuff their little legs in
before you drink it all up
Oh you need a napkin,
Here, wipe your chin
You know they are delicious
Shhhh Don’t slurp so loud
The Goo Goo Butts have ears
There’s more you know
Never can get enough of those
(get back in there!)
Marinated Goo Goo Butts,
My dear

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Hanna Bayla Lampshade

Hanna Bayla Lampshade
She put light upon my soul
I remember her
a twinkly little child ”
when she was not very old
But then one day she
took the lampshade off her head
And became an older more responsible person
But I think from time to time
When she is saying yes and not
No no no
The lampshade comes back on
and she is my sweet child once again

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Better Late than Never

“Better late than never,”
She said as they closed the coffin
There was some last minute shopping
She was trying to get in
Bargains beckoning from the rack
Multiferous (like in many)
crazy colored stockings
almost for free
She had to run out and buy them
So she was late for her own funeral

Like she said, ” I couldn’t help myself.
It just popped into my already brain dead brain.”
Some days are just like that
It is really hard to explain

Even to an objective undertaker

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Walking silently swiftly through
the streets at night
looking to get home before
the day lights
on the beach
where the moon once stood
and shone
when there were times
I was standing alone
watching as the sun rose
sifting the sand
through my toes
searching for answers
my brain too tired to think
wanting to float on the sounds
of the waves rolling in
on the beach

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why i like frogs
i like frogs
because they can sit on logs
without rolling and plopping off
into the water
The only plopping they do
is when they go after flies
because as you know
flies are free
and that is another reason i like
they can recognize a good bargain
when they see one.
in conclusion i would like to say
that this is the end of my essay.

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I have an Uncle who is going to be 100
as of late
but wait
Better now more than ever
but that could be a mistake
Not the being 100 as I know I have the right date
May 25th 1917
Here we are 100 years later
We could reminisce the last century
Starting with WWI
Whoa! Pulling out history books
here for this amazing Uncle’s birthday
Just imagine the scene
It is not like we are going medievil
Too far back for even him to be seen
as a baby toddling around
but it is his 100th birthday and
we don’t want to be mean
so we are just going to settle for some
songs, cake and candles
I mean the man is 100
and let’s not forget the ice cream!

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Hot Dogs and Hamburgers

Hot dogs and Hamburgers
Should not date
I whispered to myself
looking down at my plate
When I heard a voice say
as I leaned over to take a bite
“Nice looking buns.”
in the husky rasp of a guy.
So startled to hear I gasped at the reply
‘Well, one might say you are a bit of a dog
but I think you are good looking sausage
But cut the mustard, let’s ketchup and roll!”

Watching them do a jig
and head for the door
I knew they were my dinner no more
In hindsight it was a Colossal Mistake
to put them together for a dinner date on my plate.
It was my husband’s idea.
But he has been making a lot of strange suggestions
as of late.

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Odds and Evens

On the odd days
I am even
On the even days
I am odd

And the other days
that there are not too many of
I can usually decide by noon.

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Surprised by the Rain

Rained like nobody’s business today
Nobody but you know who and mine
Cleaned my dirty windows just fine
Cleared my head and dusted my soul
Understanding we are here to make the
Best of our time.

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After Dawn

A poet’s creative urges
must be realized
An omen of great hope
borne on the wings of the black bird
near the sea
after dawn



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