Invitation to the World of Miss Birdseed

My name is Miss Birdseed

I am as Scattered as can be

I love to run here and there

And know not where I have been.

The information that you tell me

Goes in one ear and out

I am sure you think I’ll get it

If you yell and if you shout

I have an Irish Feather for

A Brain it is difficult to

Manage but sometimes

For what I do it could be an


My name is Miss Birdseed

I have many Scattered Thoughts

Like what I should be doing and

What I should be not.

Oh yes now I remember why

I was writing this…..

OH MY you look surprised.


Invitation to my Blog.

I knew there was a reason that

Had momentarily slipped my mind.

All my friends and family are being

Invited into a friendly place of

Thoughts and Words and Rhyme.

And with exceptions made for the

occasional Angry Rhinoceros

who will come in from time to time

(he is harmless he belongs to me)

Some Thoughts are Deep and some not so

Deep but really come from inside.

I hope you will stay tuned in

For my Scattered Thoughts

For they will be on the Blog

Barring Writer’s Block (of course)

Truly yours (at least some of the time)

Miss Birdseed

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2 Responses to Invitation to the World of Miss Birdseed

  1. Leslie says:

    Dear Miss Birdseed,
    You built your nest
    and it’s just the best
    May you find the peaceful divine in words, a wood-some stick
    a plethora of feathers in which for you to pick pick pick
    from such a bright mind as yours and house it here for all to enjoy

    Well done! Love, Mrs Batty Chockfullonuts

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