A Moment

I was having a moment
in the GAP Clothing Outlet Store

It was triggered by the Chesapeake Vanilla Candle Smell
as I walked in the door.

I said, as I walked in ” I love the smell of this store it is delicious”
The sales clerk smiled as I floated into the store.
Then I was struck by the women’s tops
just hanging there.
Now here is a confession
I really must admit
I am a closet grocery aisle dancer
in time to any music in a store

Women’s tops, long sleeved
that they were
Looked like they could use a little
dancing with
A momentary thought to me did occur

I took one by the arm
As if just to look
And the dancing thought
was just about to happen

then it didn’t

it faded into background
as my adult brain took charge

It said, “this is not a grocery store,
this is a little too obvious and there are
no grocery aisles in which to hide the
shenanigans you are sometimes prone to
display those shenanigans that your husband
says make you odd in a odd special kind of way.”




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