Angry Monster Chicken Children

The Angry Monster Chicken Children
are causing Havoc on the Farm
They are not very big, but they are
causing lots of harm
They are rustling up the cattle
They are hiding in the barn
Jumping from the rafters
on top of horses’ backs, riding madly through the pastures
Whoa! They are Amuck in the horse’s stalls and on the Farm!

Who knows next what they will be after.

They say they are tipping cows in the

meadow at night.

Richter scale mischievous and the ultimate in devious.

A  sleeping tipping cow never puts up a fight.

There are ( I think) six or seven

But there could (by the mess) be eleven of them

A thromping and a stomping everything in sight.

Hopefully they will grow out of this

Otherwise I would not want to know from this

Angry Monster Chicken Children

(I think they are distantly related to Miss Id)

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