The Angry Rhinoceros

There once was an Angry Rhinoceros
Who would make sounds like the sonic
Coos of a Whale.

Once day on a Whim
He decided he wanted
To Learn How to Swim
Like the Whale of the sounds that he cooed
He thought it would be cool
To go down to the Pool
The one just on down the Road

The story goes
So I am told
That they told him to jump in the Lake
For they said for a Mammal like him
It would be a mistake
For all the thrashing and crashing
An Animal of his size would make
The pool would definitely break

He grimaced and  he pouted and
Hung like a vulture
his little arms at his sides
Such a variety of expressions his
rubbery hide displayed
Could not sway the decision they had made

So when you encounter an Angry Rhinoceros who SAYS he wants to learn
how to swim….think very carefully if you are willing to wrestle that day and
know that you NEVER will win….

So might as well let him swim
and have a much fun as he can
For one day you will turn around and the
Angry Rhinoceros who coos like the Sonic coos of the Whale
Will turn into an
Independent Young Man.

But for right now The Angry Rhinoceros is now at his nap
making the sounds of the Whale.

You think there is more
There is not
For this is the end of the Tale.

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