Dust Bunnies

If you have ever seen a dust bunny
You know they are cute as cute can be
That is why I let them come and live with me.
They are so warm and fuzzy even if
they have no ears or wiggly nose

And if they start to multiply too fast
you just suck them up every 6 months
through the vacumn cleaner hose

They like to hide in corners and underneath
the bed.  My favorite one has gotten quite large
and yes his name is Fred.

The best part is that they require no attention
They are maintenance free

But don’t tell anybody this
is just between you and me.

Because of course then everyboddy
will want one and there will be none
left and then we will have to import
them for a fee.







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  1. Katie says:

    This needs to be a children’s book.

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