Escaping Gorilla Monday

Escaping Gorilla Monday
Is something on my mind
Which is better than Madly Hopping
Monkeys on Tuesdays
At least most of the time.
But then there is
Slowly Floating Hippos on Wednesdays
Waiting for Wildly Galloping Giraffes on Thursdays
just around the bend
Or how about even worse Slowly Sneaking Alligators
looking for a tasty Friday dinner of Unsuspecting Friends.
Perhaps if we were Very Persuasive or had lots of Tasty treats to eat
We could invite them all, on Saturday, to your place.
I think, if it were big enough, it would be a good place for them to meet.
Oh, I know what you are thinking.
Maybe Sunday would be better.

Hmmm. Perhaps, but Perhaps not.
As on Sunday
I promised to return them to the
So it just wouldn’t work
At least not this week anyway
But it could be something to think about
Maybe there is something else that we all
could do



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