I Think My Warrenty is Running Out

I think my warranty is running out

I am getting old without a  doubt

What did you say?
My ears are far
My eyes are near
I can barely hear
What you are saying dear

Oh read your lips
Oh that’s too cute
Come a little closer
And I’ll give you a little kiss

I bruises on my elbow

I cannot remember how they

got there

there are times

the things

I cannot find

(not my husband…mind you)

Like clothes and underwear

There are some folks

who live to 100

and they are smiling

on the news

but journalists

and salesmen always lie

They just want to sell


whatever it is.

I am thinking

I was thinking
that it does not mean alot
If what I was thinking is
gone so quickly from
one room to the next

What was I thinking ?
I think that I forgot


















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