Oh you are here
Such good fun
Oh I see it is just
You didn’t bring

Today’s lunch is
Turtle soup

with magpie eyes
Pull up a chair
and stay awhile
We can eat and talk
(don’t worry the turtle
is quite dead, he won’t
And the magpie, she stopped
it does happen after they
have been floating in the
soup for a while.

oh you are of vegan persuasion|
hmm let me rummage around
in the soup
I do believe there are some carrots and potatoes
to be found

Where are you going?
Lunch has just begun
Oh, you say you are on a
You don’t want to spoil it
by taking a bite
Not even a tiny one

How about a take away dessert
Iced eleplant toes on
a chocolate covered sticky bun

Not that either?

Well then
It was nice seeing you
So glad you could come

Maybe we could eat at
your place next week

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