Jiggle Bug Tree

There is a little bug
So tiny you can not see
And it hangs on the inside
of the leaves of the Jiggle Bug Tree.
This little Worry Bug
It Jiggles and it Shakes
Waving on the breeze of the
Jiggle Bug Tree

Woory, oh woory does not
Anywhere one get
Shaking on the branches of the
Jiggle Bug Tree

All the energy for growing and
making money too is spent
shaking on the branch of the Jiggle Bug Tree

What we tell ourselves
On the inside is what we
Get on the out, hanging on,
Hanging on,
On the branch of the Jiggle Bug

The Jiggle Bug Tree has worry leaves that block the sunlight out,
We create them with our mind,
hanging from the Jiggle Bug Tree

I thought I lost my rhyming
Mo Jo but ’tis very clear to see
It is not lost, but it is where it has always
Inside of me.

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