Little Goat

Little Goat here
Standing at the Edge of the
Dismal Abyss
Carrying all the Woes and Troubles
the Blowing of the Shofar did miss
Sigh…it is quite a long list
but don’t let me bore you
let us return to where I am
So, teetering here on the Edge of the
Dismal Abyss
Swaying to and fro
It is readily apparent in which
direction I will go
Shofar I have everyone’s Attention, right?!
Good. Let us continue….

Here  I am, Little Goat
Teetering here on the Edge of
This Dismal Abyss
I am going add MY wish to the end of the list
(that is before I go)
I would really prefer to be at the Beach

I really think it would be better for
all concerned that Yom Yippur be
declared a “Beach Day”

It would really let me off the hook
AND I would get to be written
in the Big Book
(where there are  many other wise things  that I think you folks need to be concerned about)

Reporting from the Edge as it said
by the Little Goat




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