Pablissa Guernia

My dear friends

I would like to introduce you

To a new bird who just flew in from Spain

Her name is Pablissa Guernica

She is quite unusual, perhaps I should explain.

Her morphology is quite a different shape.

Cubic and geometric are her body and her face.

Definitely three dimensional in her flight

It is quite Artistic, at least of late.

Being of International Fame there is a

rumor that she is likely to spend most of her

her time in France or in Spain.

You are probably thinking

she resembles an artistic person of great renown

but it is not exactly possible….

After all she is a bird you know.

Opps wait a minute here…
A little birdie seems to have flown
In between the blog leaves.
She is quite tiny but is known by the
Havoc that she weaves.

Miss Id is her name
She really does not
Listen….we occasionally
let her in
If there is a party going on.

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