The Angry Rhinoceros (again oh no!)

The Angry Rhinoceros is back again
last time there was a cry and and a din for
this Rhinoceros was learning to swim
He is swimming now with great aplomb
Moving along
to riding a bicycle with training wheels
Around and around and around
he must go
Where he stops Mr. Nobody
When it is dark he lies down in his bed
with his helmet still on his curly head
(or so his Mommy says)
His little legs are still riding his bicycle
(Rhinoceroses do have short legs you know)

Dreaming the dreams of where he might go
as soon as he gets up in the morning

( 6 o’clock a.m. Rhinoceros time)


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2 Responses to The Angry Rhinoceros (again oh no!)

  1. Hanna says:

    His swim style is quite interesting as well…almost like a wounded manatee.

    • lrfendrich says:

      Are you saying the Angry Rhinoceros is quite Amphibious but not Ambiguous
      especially when is time to make decisions about what he wants?

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