Travelling Light

I taught my children to travel light
With the lightness of their sole
A shoelace here a kiss there
Their journey will unfold
To travel til they alight
With whomever they may choose
I taught my children to travel light
With the lightness of their soul.

Things will only tie you down
Feel free to let them go.
Go ahead instead with the thoughts

within your heart and

find what will be for you

with true desire and strong intent

the purpose of your soul.

Man is a gatherer and builder

by design, so you must seek and you

must find.

Things can be replaced but you my
friend cannot.
Now is the time to take stock of
What you need and what you do not.

Let the years and things peel away
And watch your soul soar free
To change , to be able
To walk out the door and never
look back is what freedom means to me.

Bend over my friend and see your shoelaces have come untied.

You are being beckoned to at least give it a try.
Do not say “I should have done this all before!”

For then the time was not.
For NOW is the time for YOU, It is striking on the clock.
So gather up your soul my friend and

Follow your inner light for

NOW is the Time.

Now the time is right.

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