Ashwin and Frank

Ashwin and Frank were talking
about ways to get suddenly and
surprisingly rich.
But they only way they could think of was
to rob a bank
Ashwin was sure because they were so incongruous
I mean he was just a man and Frank,
well Frank was just a……..we can’t say what Frank
is because it would a dead giveaway in the getaway
I mean he has such a clever disguise it would be a shame
to get in the way of their meteorite rise to riches and their very clever plan.
It seemed it was a wonderful plan until they tried to come to a resolution
about who was going to hold the bag for the money and who was going to
hold and shoot the gun (I mean just if it was necessary to further emphasize that they were serious and all)
Frank refused to do either.
For after all he was just a dog and had no arms and hands
And certainly no thumbs.


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