It can be said as general rule
that in this case “circumstances
were such that what happened was
clearly generated by a situation that was
totally out of the realm of control”
An example of this could possibly be
a smallish 61 year old woman left unattended
by her husband in an unsecured sukkah on the roof
Now who would have thought as the husband tootled off on his bicycle to have coffee with a friend
that a long lasting big gust of wind would take his unattended wife and unsecured sukkah sailing off into the air perhaps to Kansas via New York or maybe even Virginia. The husband when reached for comment was heard to have said, “You lose more wives that way….”

This is Miss Birdseed flying as she sees fit for the Miss Birdseed Times…Hag Sameach and Happy Sukkah Sailing to you.

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