Whacky Amazing

I am whacky amazing
I truly truly am
I like the way I laugh
When something pops into my head
“Oh funny…hot damn!”
I am getting on in years
and what is so sad
my daughter looked at me
and said don’t buy those glasses
they make you look like a grandma
Ummm honey I am

Is that so bad?

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4 Responses to Whacky Amazing

  1. Judy says:

    I love your poems. I get them in my in-box. I had a late night last night and am kind of out of it this morning, and just glancing through my inbox earlier I said “oh cool, a poem about Whiskey”. A moment ago I finally go to your post and realized I had delightfully misread it. And to make it even better, I love this poem as it is. Probably because I’m as whacky as they come. I’m not a grandma, but old enough to be one, and kind of enjoying being who I am right now. Man, we earned it, did we not??

  2. Her Husband says:

    This is a totally true poem — no poetic license has been taken.

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