It was very quiet
And they were together in the room
Mr Nothing Happened and His Little
Friend , Mr I Was Just Flying Airplanes
And Making Them Go Zoom

The Chair of NO NO was half way out the door….
there was an air of complicity emanating from both of
their bold stares
A look of wanting to be anywhere but THERE.

Quiet is as quiet does
When together the things that little boys do
So we will just roll with it forĀ  now
They are being just who they are
For them every day is new

So they will will just have to figure out again

and we will be ready
especially when it is quiet





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Brooklyn Bridgeized

You’ve been Brooklyn Bridgeized
Looking you straight in the eye
But telling you lies
Taken in by what he has convinced himself
To believe that is absolutely true
So much that he has you believing it too
It is his job to take his parking cones one by one by one
and watch the block in the sun

watching while the police officers pass out the
over the 2 hour time limit tickets one by one by one.

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House Arrest

Honestly, Officer
The closet door was closed
I just opened it to put my coat
And a bundle of HEAVY PVC pipes
came down upon my delicate little
Ouch, it hurt like “you know what”
But I iced it truly,truly,true
But it still swelled like a blue mountain
What’s a foot to do?
After traveling across seven time zones and then
getting in a Uber and then a car (and a car again)
I promise until Thursday I will stay in the house
And not do anything as stupid as that
when you let me out.


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Spiked Coffee Buzz

Spiked coffee buzz
Pick me up and smooth me out
Keep reaching for the stars
But do so from the couch
We are always on the move
From the moment that we wake up
And put on our shoes
It takes a lot to to keep up
and stay in the groove
Turn it on turn it off
When does it ever stop

Take it down to to touch the place
inside where we can tell all we don’t care about
to go away they will just have to wait.

Turn off the light,
turn down the buzz
just because just because

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Miss Birdseed doesnot go by herself to New Jersey

Miss Birdseed does not go by herself to New Jersey
It is not something that appeals to me
It is something I just do not do
Not to worry
Believe it or not there is ALWAYS
Another way to get what I want
BUT Miss Birdseed does not go by herself to New Jersey
It can stay over there but
Miss Birdseed does not dare
(unless, of course, someone else is driving,
but then I wouldn’t be alone, or by myself)



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He was Behaving

he was behaving
so I took him for a walk

things like this don’t last that long

for a very good reason.

because they just don’t.

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Post ums

Post ums
Are when when you have an insight
and um you can’t remember it because of
short term memory issues secondary to refractory brain function
(that means that I was going in one direction and got “defracted”)

Also another possibility is that my brain and my phone are
being run by monkeys

But then I remind myself
who I am and consider that it might be

quite ridiculous that anyone would want to carry about
those thoughts that I carrying around in my brain for any great
length of time or even would consider letting me get even close to their brain

Or even make the mistake of writing them on a Post um note

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Birdseed Astronomy 101

I think the atomic atoms of darkness
must be different
In the places were there is more sun
they are pink orange and gold
In colder climates they are blues purples blacks and grays
Pausing here and reeling these fishy fish tales back in
Things of this magnitude are better left to others
I think I will quietly ( that means unobtrusively as possible)
use a real time map and go
do something unimportant
like getting overcoming my fear of getting lost
and leave this
for an artist.

(Besides when I say stuff like this it just gets me in trouble)

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Rock Climbling

My friend
She is my friend for ever and a day
was emboldened and went rock climbing
I was “oh dear, it is dangerous ,afraid of heights.

I told her to be careful
She told me that she would
“It is child’s play on the kiddie climb,
don’t worry all is good”

I know I shouldn’t worry
but I need my friend to
stay on the grid not so many feet
off the ground
Who is going to save me psychologically
if she is not around.

Besides who would I get to read my poems
if she was Bouldered (another way of saying
being dropped on or off a huge rock) and had
no way out.

An friendly, sympathetic editor
in a time of droughts, hurricanes and other potential disasters
Clearly irreplaceable without a doubt.

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Merely Human

Just being Merely Human
unable to fly
but when asked
as I walked down the stairs,
“what are you doing?”
“Well, because I am Merely Human
and cannot fly, I am walking down the stairs.”
Was my reply.
“Merely being there gives me the opportunity
And that is just as it is,” said I.

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