I Made You A Quilt

I made you a quilt because I was no longer mad
I made you a quilt when you turned off the lights
and walked out the front door to a new adventure
where the past was needed no more
I made you a quilt when you found someone  that wanted to share
I made you a quilt to cover your bed waiting for someone to hold
when you lay down your head
I made you a quilt on special request, you wanted it, you needed it, to have one
like all the rest.
I made all the babies quilts for their beds that they should fall to sleep with dreams in their heads
I made you a crazy quilt because you are just that
I made you a quilt because your life is what it is and I am with you on that
I made you a quilt and it went to the Princess Lady Pifflesqueak
(You must admit she is rather unique)

I have made all these quilts and many more.
They are the fabric and canvas of my life
They are for all the people that I love
and are a part of me .
Everyone is individual
Made with only one in mind
They are floating pieces of  energy
Energy and love for all of time



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Were You Talking?

Were you talking to your sandwich?

Wellll I was feeling in a state of Grace
that I could talk to it before I ate it
and keep a perfectly straight face.

I mean instead of a sandwich
I could be constantly talking to an invisible

I mean I don’t think that it is necessary
But if I was
What would you do then?

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Falling out
of bed
is easy

floor is only but so far
Besides nobody is going
to hear you fall
if nobody is around
The only problem might be
and if
your foot gets stuck
in the covers
Nobody is going hear  you
As there will be no sound
when you

the ground

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I am myself
There are expections
And those are
when I am not.

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Unexpected Beheading

The Emperor was in town
It was time for a beheading
but no one was around
He surveyed the flower beds
He said “They are not bowing. Off
with their heads!”

It was unexpected but necessary.

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Hand in Hand

Lady Lily Pifflesqueek went for a walk
she needed to find
her Auntie Birdseed to talk
about the thoughts she had been having
as they sat side by side
hand in hand
on the Beach
with their toes in the Sand

“Do you know at night
When I am there on Beach
I like to listen to roar of the
waves as their sounds fill the my ears
I want to take them home as get
ready to go to bed.
I want to hear them
as I am sleeping
in my head.”

“Can you do that for me Auntie?
Can you send those sounds to me? ”

Miss Auntie Birdseed thought for a while
for a answer
deep in thought
“I think, perhaps, my dear Lady Lily Pifflesqueek,
the truth be told that I will try my best to catch them
for you but some of sounds are just bolder and  bigger than the air and might not
fit into the package I would send to where you live, over there.”

Perhaps the wings of your imagination will have to put those nighttime
sounds in your ears.

But thank you for asking me, Lady Pifflesqueek, my dear.

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Morbid Curiosity

Morbid Curiosity
just got the upper hand
Adherence to the “mind your own business” rule
has been violated
By me
Was sticking my little nose where
it don’t belong
Oh it was just morbid curiosity
What could be the harm
Not likely I was going to share it
Or let it go too far astray

But like I said I was just a little curious

And you can ignore me

More than likely
After a bit of time
I will go away.

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High Tops

I always wear my High Tops
with my Classic Black Dress
So if I have to run
I can keep up with the rest

in Style



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all the bugs
has always been
my philosophy
Better that I
get to them
Than them
get to me.

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Forwards and Backwards

I love you forwards and backwards
I love you upside down
I love you when you are here
And when you are not around
I love it when you knock and
then all come bursting through the door
All the hugs and kisses
when you say good bye
until we meet again
and we will be wanting more
then we go upstairs
and survey all the mess
decide it can wait til the morning
and go lie down and take a rest
knowing the time we spend together
really is the best

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