Thoughts on Centipedes

Lefty the left-footed centipede
left the left foot store
he had so many shoes
he could not buy anymore

And those are my thoughts
on centipedes.

Thank for thinking that perhaps
this might be any deeper than deep
Because it just isn’t

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Do We Write

If we are writers
do we write what
we see what we feel
deep inside
when we write
can we made others
feel as we do
what we feel inside
can we have them
wondering what is coming next
around the bend
as they follow along
do we paint a picture
with our pen
do we have people wondering
what happens next and
when they do
are they still wanting
to turn
the page
what we write

day after day

if so

then we do

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If There Was

If there was no wind
Would the birds fly
If there was no sea
Would the fish swim
If there were no flowers
Would the bees buzz
If there were no arms
Would there be hugs

If there were no hugs
What would we do
We would kiss instead
You would kiss me
And I would kiss you


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Escaping Gorilla Monday

Escaping Gorilla Monday
Is something on my mind
Which is better than Madly Hopping
Monkeys on Tuesdays
At least most of the time.
But then there is
Slowly Floating Hippos on Wednesdays
Waiting for Wildly Galloping Giraffes on Thursdays
just around the bend
Or how about even worse Slowly Sneaking Alligators
looking for a tasty Friday dinner of Unsuspecting Friends.
Perhaps if we were Very Persuasive or had lots of Tasty treats to eat
We could invite them all, on Saturday, to your place.
I think, if it were big enough, it would be a good place for them to meet.
Oh, I know what you are thinking.
Maybe Sunday would be better.

Hmmm. Perhaps, but Perhaps not.
As on Sunday
I promised to return them to the
So it just wouldn’t work
At least not this week anyway
But it could be something to think about
Maybe there is something else that we all
could do



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Mumble Bumble

Mumble Bumble
Rumble Stumble
A Rolling down the Hill
If we are not where we are going
then we would be where we was Still.

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Bugs on a Rainy Day

The Reason there are no bugs
When biking on a rainy day
Because They All Got Wet And
Or Drown
And Floated All Away
Why am I writing in Uppercase?
Just so they can see what it is
Not to Be Invited

and how biking is better

without them in my face

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Rustling of the Leaves

Rustling of the leaves
Waving of the trees
Listening for the thunder
Waiting for the lightening
Falling of the rain
Closing of the day

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Usually I am Minding My Own Business

I am minding my own business
when I am wandering down the street
There are exceptions you know
They do not happen often
Or as often as one would like to speak
(or not speak, if you are minding your own stuff  )
When, and if, however (if you are an English teacher or editor you are not allowed to comment on my run-ons or use of pausing words)
To think I would change my way looking at the world is absurd
Especially we are talking about the minding of one’s own business
when walking down the street
But “Usually ” is the word and I will once repeat
I am minding my own business
Unless, of course, I am lost
And then it becomes everybody’s business


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My Friend’s Sneakers

I like my friend’s sneakers
They fit nicely on my feet
I like how they feel as I walk down the street
I like my friend’s sneakers
They are nicely broken in
When she offered them to me
She said, “I can’t wear them. They hurt my big toe.”
So even though they were a little pink, and still are…pink…. that is
(I don’t think older women can or should do pink)
it was really hard to say no.
I like my friend’s sneakers
They take me where I want to go
They are nicely broken in and look good on my feet
And even though parts of them are pink
I really like taking the thought of  my friend and her sneakers as
we walk down the street


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Did You Find

What’s on your mind
Did you find
What you were looking for
As you roamed from store to store
White “V” neck small men’s shirt
Washable soft cotton,
Can’t find them any more.
“No I was just looking”
for something I knew I was not going find
but thank you all you retailers for wasting all my time
Don’t they know that construction workers need to have these T-shirts
How else are they going to look good while they work!

Oh woe the day when the white t-shirts have gone their way
Construction workers in yellow, black or blue just does not make my day.

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