Social Distancing

I can’t understand or hear you
when I have my mask on
I think you look like
ET too.

Except when I take my mask off
I am going to look like me
And you
Well you are
Since you DON’T have
a mask on now
You are still going to
look like you.

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Muse of the Moment

This is a time of listening
Lightening fast moods
that flit through the sky
Floating like an effervescent
bubble on the winds
that sing
Waiting for the moment
to burst

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Going Viral B

I am really batshit crazy now
Going round the bend
I am only telling you this because you
are my friend
I have lost track of all the many viruses
that are on my hands and everywhere
Is it possible that this is just a plot
and they are not reaaaaally there.
So because you are my friend,
if you see me coming round
Please put on your sunglasses and mask
and run the other way.

And we will meet again as friends
but right now it is just not happening
At least not today.

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Articulate Ruby

I know a very articulate Ruby
which is interesting
Cose before she would not make a
At least to my ears not a word travelling
through air could be found
Now there are words zipping
Doing backflips,
bouncing when they hit the air
She has found herself
And she wants everyone
To know she is there.

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Miss Birdseed in Captivity

Walking on the Tyelet
Wow surprise surprise
All of a sudden
2 cop cars arrive
Busted flat
keep going
don’t look back
Stuck in the naughty chair
No way around it

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really stupid silly stuff

There is really stupid
silly stuff that
we do while we are alone
Such as saying “paint by numbers”
as we wander by our phone
Holy smokes says Alexa
Wow a cow,
Holy moly (which by the way is another way of saying wow)
Welllll we can certainly
take care of this
Right now and how
would you like it it if
I sent secret Google messages to your phone
And then help you order it
It will be there in a week
Delivered to your home.

Oh wait a minute
There seems to be a catch
All the little people that are
the Numberers have been sent home
And no else in the factory knows
how to count

Hmmm so you are going
to have to find something else
to do with your all alone silly time…..

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Virtual Viral Reality

I know you thought
I liked you
as you were coming ’round
the bend
so don’t smile at me
you have microscopic germs
that makes you not my friend
Those germs just take a moment
to climb out of you into the air
My goodness they are so small
You can barely see them
Perhaps they are not really
Just waiting to jump out on
on the unsuspecting
right into a nose or throat
Be sure you gargle with Listerine
and wash your hands with soap
And don’t come out again
(and I know this is mean)
when I am walking by myself
I will slap you virtual viral silly
Do I have to explain myself
more better or do you get my drift
Neither one of us wants to be on the
self imposed quarantine list

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feel the warmth of the sun
as I wrap my arms around you
like wings to keep you in my thoughts

and may thisĀ  always carry you
forward in the times
when you stand as one

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Divinely Diva out on the town
Martini in hand
Wearing a silver gown
Coming ’round the corner
Looking for the Chill
If you don’t think she is heading for
your house
Guess again
Oh yes she can
and yes she will
Drank all the booze at her house
Coming back for more
If she knocks
Don’t open up the door
She gots money in her silver purse
She can buy more at the store

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I am standing with my back against the closet door
I want to keep the monsters in
I know they will sneak out
Once I walk away

“Oh it’s all in your head,” you say

Ah yes, perhaps that is why I want to keep
them in the closet
Better there than when I am asleep
to have them hiding under my bed

Which means…
well you know what that means
And that is better left unsaid.

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