Grocery Shopping

There is something very curious
about my grocery shopping cart
There are groceries in it that are
mine and some that aren’t

Now I guess the question is
when it time to get in line
Are you all of a sudden appear
and say
“Hey lady you are paying for yours and mine!”
Or what might most likely be the scene
Is that you you’ll wait until I am paid and
checked out
and follow me out the door
with your brain on full turn off
and high on ignore

And then there will be a sudden movement
as you dash and grab my cart
and I scream out
“Grab that person, that person took
my cart! The one over there running
with the mask!!”
And they will say ” What did the person
look like?” ” Dunno, the person was wearing
black pants and a mask.”

Worse case scenario, no doubt.

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There will be no chickening today
All those funny little 28 day old chickens
have run away
There will be no feather plucking
head lopping
or any of that stuff
Those little chickens have all run
Why ?
Don’t know, can’t say
And that is why there is no chickening today

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Road to Nowhere

The road abruptly ended
That is it was sudden
and the only thing to do
was stop
So here we are
the thought of going somewhere
nowhere at all

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The Chocolate Disapppeared

Half eaten chocolate bar in a wrapper
on the shelf
After asking if anyone minded
I took a piece for myself
And then seeing that one really minded
I took another piece
just to make sure that
it was really true
that the chocolate was meant
to melt and disappear

just like it did

in my mouth

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Demise of the Rack

The drying rack met
it’s timely demise
it’s joints and legs
were rusted
there was no more
“hanging” around

17 years is a long time
to weather the sun, sea and air
and endure the hanging of pants
socks and underwear

But laundry waits for no man
and there is a new drying rack
a new snappy shiny affair.

Back to business as usual.
No rust.
Neighbor’s dog still barking.

Hanging out the laundry
feeling the sea breeze

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Not Known

If I am standing
and you are talking to
and I am ignoring
then what you are
saying is
to me

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In Need

Am in Need of some
Grandiose and Awe
I am thinking
that I am missing
being summer
and all


I want THUNDER to
roll across the sea
with a RUMBLE and
Not a lot
just a little
that’s all
And then just a
couple of little flashes of light
and maybe just one more
and then I be happy, satisfied,

that it has been a real summer,
thunderstorms and all

wishes fulfilled

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Just so you know
it is four pm
and the heat is
supposedly melting my chocolate bar
Supposedly because I don’t have a
chocolate bar
AND I am not eating it
BUT if I did have a chocolate bar
AND I was wandering through the
it would be melting

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the world

the world
has slowed
d-o-w-n to
an indescribable
what was is
and now
is not
the spinning
and chasing of
is like melting butter
on a Royal Wedgewood
slipping from the world’s
like a runaway

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the serendipity of falling
and hoping
but knowing
that the person
was too far away
and things were
happening too fast

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