Static is when something in the atmosphere or
Nearness that makes your hair stand up.

Now that you have that definition I will proceed….
with caution.

There is a lot of Static in the
Coming from the floor
The Angry Rhinoceros has returned
And is Rampaging once more
He is older now and his bellowing and
will shake your windows and unlock
your front door
He has been in some hiding
But now has come unleashed
He needs eye to eye combat
He is a feisty beast

Stomping ,screaming ,flailing ,arching,
more stomping, corner hugging,
indignancy (that is really really indignant and really really digging in)
more screaming
in a hair and eyebrow raising way.

I mean this kind of static does tend to make ones hair to
raise….the eyebrow raising comes after you look in the mirror
AND realize how terrified you really look ….and then
your eyebrows go…..UP

Static is when the silence of your air space
turns into total chaos as the
Angry Rhinoceros unleashes his atomic energy
and is on the loose once more

but the fine print on the bottom of his right foot
in case it’s been a while since you’ve checked
This personality has ALWAYS been this way
AND is NOT a manufacture’s defect.

Which makes him nonreturnable

That’s why to write this poem
makes perfect sense.

At least to me it does.

Because I was planning to keep him
so I could write about him
once more.

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