Unemployed Chickens

The reason we are
eating these chickens
is :
They really need a job

All this scratching and
hen pecking is like
living in a barnyard.
Secretarial work is beyond them
their brains are too small
Their legs are not sexy
not sexy at all
(excuse me dear readers
don’t be snide as I know
y’all have seen mine)
And the eggs…..
Well what are you going to do
about the eggs in the office?
It will take you some time to
the mess.

So let me resume my argument….

This raises their standard
of life
to one that requires a fork
and a knife
A table clothe even
and wait there is more!
But first let me finish licking my fingers

Burp , ah that was good.

It is a job with just pure satisfaction.

They would like it!

They would.

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