“Get Lost”

Don’t pick me up from the train
If you don’t want me to get lost
I will find my way to your house
No matter what the cost
I will use my Waze or GPS
Or Google Maps
But don’t pick me up at the
train or plane if you don’t want to consider me
a little lost
I know where I am suppose to be
At least most of the time
if I get lost the problem will be mine
I am really good at talking
even though my
older daughter told me not
to the people for directions
everyone thinks there is an evil plot
to steal me off to somewhere
“don’t lose my mother” please
you would think that by speaking to a stranger
they would steal me
Even though my husband says
“that is the only way I would ever be able to get her to leave me”

Sooooo therefore
Like I said
Don’t ever pick me up at the train
or plane
if you don’t want me to
“get lost”


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