Random Thoughts

There are Random Thoughts
that Rambo through
They could be yours
But more than likely
they are mine
Why are you laughing
Then you looked at me and said

There are just so many silly
Thoughts that run through
my head

And they are certainly
worth laughing about

As long as I don’t say them
out loud
That means I have to keep the
about the “alleged dead body under the bed”
Just exactly where it belongs

In my head

And stop reading detective stories
late at night
with a flashlight in bed.

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I am going to give
hugs and kisses
and tomatoes on your
Actually because I love you
so much
I am going make a
tomato mayo sandwich
with lettuce
And hide it under your bed

Not a good idea.

Nevermind then.

Make your own midnight snack.

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Director of Dementia is Back

It is the
Director of Dementia
Today I am in charge
of thoughts that
come out of nowhere
and have no beginning
and no end
Like little speckled pearl pea fowls
little heads full of absolutely
stuck clucking and cooing
in the middle of the road
Does that make any sense to you….?
What did I just say….

I can’t believe that thought just happened
I think is best that I just go away

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My newly designated job
is Dementia
Which really is just fne
It just means I get to smile
at people, maybe complain a little
( or alot) and have the option to sometimes
or never be on time
I can wander off and leave a mess
and pretend I didn’t know
or even decide to run away
“go out of town”
and not let anybody in on where I decided
to go
( As if there was really any clear plan at hand)

There is no experience or expertise needed
And there are certainly little or no expectations
And for sure because there is heavy turnover
there are many positions vacant
So click here if you want to work
with me
It should prove to be fun
If my new job is to be the Director of Dementia
There should be more people
who can apply
so I am not the only one.

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Open Window

I leave my window
so I can listen to the wind
as it whispers outside
and tell me all
the places
that I have never been

That is why I leave
my window open
just a crack
so the whispering of the wind’s wanderings
can come in

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Losing It

I went out to the recycling
But I got lost
So I came back to give
you a kiss
and tell you about all the things
I like about
you and the things
and people that I miss

So maybe I will go out to
the recycling
and I will get lost

And I will be able to think
about all these things
about you
and my other things and

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Just Watching

Same eyes
Eyes that smile
Across the room
at each other
Just watching
Caught the moment
that passes so quickly

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Confessions of a 68 Year Old Closet Dancer

I go to the grocery store to
I really like the music
Nobody is watching
And it is the only time I get a chance
to slide through the aisles
with a little rock and roll
before I get too old

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Eggplants are Eatable

Eggplants are eatable
but you can’t hide them in your
They are not like small potatoes
or shoe size smooth rocks
You can’t send them to school lunch
(by mistake) in a brown paper bag
They will definately not be eatable
by the time that they got there

And the look on your child’s face
will be one of wishing she had a potato

at least it is microwavable not like an
eggplant which to be eatable

you have to bake

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I Would Like

I would like to drink
my cornflakes or even muffins
through a straw
and that’s not all
I would like to eat my spagetti
with a knife
if it means I get to stay up later
because it could take me all night.

that is what I would like if I was four.

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