Calmly watching
the noisy rushing
nothing and everything
to be done
Humans on trains, on buses
on phones
Noisy rushing
Calmly watching

Wondering if it is contagious

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Going Back

Going back over
the walls where once sleeping then awake
bursts of creative
thoughts and words displayed
photographs, doodles and words of backwards
Empty walls
Removing paper and tape residue
Patching holes
Smiling as I go
Going back….smiling
Moving ahead…smiling

Time to paint the walls

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Flowers of Life

How could I not know
about the Flowers of Life
you asked
eyebrows raised
quite surprised
there are lots of things
I do know
slight smile
deep inside
that you haven’t ever
thought of
and for never ever
in the
geometric lines connected
will you ever never know

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Thoughts at night
are like trees
hanging over the water
in the darkness
of the late sunset

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Going outside at night
in the dark
presents the highest probability
that is there is the risk of increasing
random chance
that you might step
on the ants

Then what happens next
is anybody’s guess
but it might be ants
crawling up your legs
and traveling to
your pants

And then you would be
outside in the dark
with ants in your pants.

Better to go outside
at night
when there is a chance
of caterpillars

Leaves are more interesting
than your legs

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They were shopping
It was late
Everyone was in line
But no one wanted to wait
The lady behind was every 5
This is ridiculous
No lie
The out of the corner of my eye
Why was I watching?
Who am I?
A full face SMOOCH
in the grocery store shopping line
Seems they were making the best
of their grocery store line waiting time.

But then again if you were smooching someone
in the grocery store line
It might be mis-concepted
that you are not really interested in
making it through grocery store line
to pay for your groceries
sooooo MAYBE it would be better
That instead of a full face it could be a
left eye to right eye smooch
with one’s head turned to the side
in a watchful kind of way

But I was just one person watching
Who am I to say?

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I read my books
with my imagination
Of knights and kings and queens
with their kingdoms and castles
Of fiercely fighting warriors
locked in imaginary bloody battles
The worst my mind has ever seen
Of witches and wizards fantastic with
Magical feats amazing
Flying flaming glittering dragons
with fearsome angry eyes a gleam

I read my books with my imagination

I am lost in time
Adrift in space
I can go anywhere I wish
I just have to put myself there

Today I was hiking in Nepal
Last week it was watching the sunset
on the beach
Reading with imagination
changes week to week

As long as there are books
within my reach

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Trains don’t have to stop
They are on their way to somewhere

Just like you and I

They don’t have to stop
Neither do you or I

Or they can

Just like you
Not I

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Noticing as the sun
Slips into the edges
Of the sea
the illusion of getting
it disappears
so the moon
can reappear
in the ever changing
mood of the night sky

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If I saw someone I didn’t like
And I bopped him on the head from behind
and then hid him in the basement.
Would you tell on me?
If I bopped him on the head and put rocks in his socks
and dumped him in the river
Would you tell on me?
If you asked me what I was thinking
And I told you, then I bopped you on the nose
Would you tell on me?
Unless of course
You did not ask me what on my mind
and in which case I would not have to bop you on the nose
or tell you that what I thinking
which is the bopping with the hiding in the basement
rocks in socks into the river thought.
So next time you want to ask me what’s on my mind
You will at least hesitate so I won’t have to bop on the nose
and say I told you so.

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