I am distraction in myself
I know I am looking at you
as if I am understanding
what you say
But honestly
my mind just went the
other way

do you
maybe, possibly, sort of
is kind of what I wanted
to say
Sometimes there are these
other things that are flying
that just get in my way

of listening to what you
have to say

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Manners Matter

The glass got a little bit
tipsy as it spilled the wine
The hostess wiped it up and
said “Don’t worry this happens
all the time.”
You are going to be invited back
next week for this breech of
And this is what we are going to do
after we get the table set
I want you to take your soup spoon
I want you to raise it high
We are going to have a lesson
in soup slurping
Yes we are!
You and I
Gracefully, of course, with
great aplomb
And not only that
there will be a mini course in
double dipping, unobstrusive
fork stabbing and burping
As the class of Many Manners
continues on.

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Where Did

Where did I leave
my car
Wandering up and down the
street calling, talking to myself
“Where art thou?”
And you know
it doesn’t answer
like Alexa does in
the house when I ask
where the key is
and she says,

“you asked me this
last time
and I told you remember the code
or you will get so locked out
because your brain is forgetful and you are old”

Or how about the new credit cards
and the ice cream that you bought
that is dripping and no longer cold
because you are forgetful challenged
and are no longer in mental possession of your
credit card code

Being a slave to technology is like being a rambling fool.

Yes I guess it help if I was on the right street
and then my car would be there too.

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Tea and Quiet

Was having my morning
tea and quiet
and maybe thinking there
was no cause for
then a HUGE and UGLY
spider decided to jump on me
and make it’s creepy, crawly way
up my arm
I bludgeoned it with my
banana and squished it
with my shoe
this is really all a lie
I was having wandering thoughts
about having no excitement in my
Figured maybe Fake News about a Personal
Cyber Attack , I mean a Spider Attack ,
might be better than

sitting here quietly drinking my tea

with nothing else to do

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Looking for balance
Standing my left foot
then my right
Bending carefully
Lifting with my knees
Looking to move
with fluidity
gracefulness and ease
Walking up stairs
as slowly
No rushing please

Not today
Just want to inhale
and breathe

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Winter Rain

Darkness of the sky
Loudness of the waves
Whiteness of the wings

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Creative meditative
back through time
Wondering if the choice
was or wasn’t mine
And knowing in the Moment
it was (with a sigh)

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Dipping into the universe
Going with the flow
leaving my mind and doors open
so things and people can
come and go
learning to say yes and
knowing when to say
I don’t know

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In a moment of rushing
to pausing
Touching a dragonfly
it flew away

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Red Shoes
What does that mean?
I just liked the sound
of it
as I wandered around

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