Buttons and Loops

” I think you are missing a loop in the back”
said the girl to her mother
who was getting older and
starting to let loose her buttons
as they rolled onto the floor
she tried to gather them up
but as she was laughing so hard about
the missing loop

her buttons
rolled away

so many buttons
maybe they will be found
another day

or possibly next week

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I have to wear my earrings
When I lie down on my bed
They are the weights
that keep me from floating away
And they hold down my head
that has a tendency to run away
with wild ideas and thoughts about
things that could and
might be hiding in lieu of a better place
to be

I am sure there are better ways
to keep my head from floating away
but this is the cheapest and most
attractive solution (on such Short Notice)
that I could come up with today

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in the ongoing
window of time
what is reality and
what is implied
what is a subtle
slight of hand
that is meant to be diplomatic
and discreetly applied
as the matter demands
us to be crossing our
fingers behind our backs
and smile while we lie
gluileless lies so sublime

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Bug in a Rug

Snugly in a rug the little bug
And then in with the vacumn
the cleaning maid
Up into the vacumn the little bug
Snug as a bug in a vacumn
no assonance to that
no sense either

So the bug crawled out
and found another rug to sleep in
In a house with no maid and no vacumn

snug as a bug in a maidless house rug

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The Wink is the New Smile

With that mask on it is
hard to see
if you are smiling or just looking
at me
But it is the wink though that really
has me most concerned
before I went out the door
my friend said
Beware of men
on your walk that wink
It is the new smile
It doesn’t mean a thing
You won’t get a supper
or a diamond ring
Beware on your walk today
of men that wink.

Seems that and perhaps she has observed
or has heard
that the wink is the new smile
And seeing as that is probably
the case you can take your wink elsewhere
and I will be on my way
And you can practice your new smile on someone else
As we are done with such new things for today

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lots of jumbled up not making
sense mumblings
stumbling onto
many pieces of paper
looking for some meaning
and not finding none
Closed the book
This is no fun

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Oh you are here
Such good fun
Oh I see it is just
You didn’t bring

Today’s lunch is
Turtle soup

with magpie eyes
Pull up a chair
and stay awhile
We can eat and talk
(don’t worry the turtle
is quite dead, he won’t
And the magpie, she stopped
it does happen after they
have been floating in the
soup for a while.

oh you are of vegan persuasion|
hmm let me rummage around
in the soup
I do believe there are some carrots and potatoes
to be found

Where are you going?
Lunch has just begun
Oh, you say you are on a
You don’t want to spoil it
by taking a bite
Not even a tiny one

How about a take away dessert
Iced eleplant toes on
a chocolate covered sticky bun

Not that either?

Well then
It was nice seeing you
So glad you could come

Maybe we could eat at
your place next week

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message in a bottle

message in a bottle
send more books to me

we are getting ready
to go into lockdown wave
number 3

I think it I surround myself
with books of of other thoughts
and fantasy

the virus will say
she is floating too far
out there

I think I will let her

and save the “getting to her”
for another day

preferably to “get to her”
when she is wispy, old and

will not have so much to
carry for the final
“get away”

it will be more of a
disappearing act

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I’ve sharpened all my pencils
I am ready for today

And if you piss me off
I can poke both
your eyes out
and be on my merry way

And no one will be the wiser
Because if you can’t see me
You can’t say where I went

So if it probably best that you
not talk to me

Or even look my way
I am going underground
There is nothing else to say

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So You Won’t Be Alone

I know you are
dying to for me to
some more of my poems
I have come out of hiding
so you won’t be

You can tell me
all of your by passing
the ones you want
written about and
the ones you do not

And then something will
catch my attention in an
odd sort of way
with a funny look in my
I will tell you
I must be on my way

but the whole idea
was just of and in the moment
of not being alone
but once that moment
was over
then the reason for
coming out of hiding
is over and done.

So I am gone
and away
and may be

It is not in my present nature
to tell nobody
and that means
no one

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