lots of jumbled up not making
sense mumblings
stumbling onto
many pieces of paper
looking for some meaning
and not finding none
Closed the book
This is no fun

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Oh you are here
Such good fun
Oh I see it is just
You didn’t bring

Today’s lunch is
Turtle soup

with magpie eyes
Pull up a chair
and stay awhile
We can eat and talk
(don’t worry the turtle
is quite dead, he won’t
And the magpie, she stopped
it does happen after they
have been floating in the
soup for a while.

oh you are of vegan persuasion|
hmm let me rummage around
in the soup
I do believe there are some carrots and potatoes
to be found

Where are you going?
Lunch has just begun
Oh, you say you are on a
You don’t want to spoil it
by taking a bite
Not even a tiny one

How about a take away dessert
Iced eleplant toes on
a chocolate covered sticky bun

Not that either?

Well then
It was nice seeing you
So glad you could come

Maybe we could eat at
your place next week

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message in a bottle

message in a bottle
send more books to me

we are getting ready
to go into lockdown wave
number 3

I think it I surround myself
with books of of other thoughts
and fantasy

the virus will say
she is floating too far
out there

I think I will let her

and save the “getting to her”
for another day

preferably to “get to her”
when she is wispy, old and

will not have so much to
carry for the final
“get away”

it will be more of a
disappearing act

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I’ve sharpened all my pencils
I am ready for today

And if you piss me off
I can poke both
your eyes out
and be on my merry way

And no one will be the wiser
Because if you can’t see me
You can’t say where I went

So if it probably best that you
not talk to me

Or even look my way
I am going underground
There is nothing else to say

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So You Won’t Be Alone

I know you are
dying to for me to
some more of my poems
I have come out of hiding
so you won’t be

You can tell me
all of your by passing
the ones you want
written about and
the ones you do not

And then something will
catch my attention in an
odd sort of way
with a funny look in my
I will tell you
I must be on my way

but the whole idea
was just of and in the moment
of not being alone
but once that moment
was over
then the reason for
coming out of hiding
is over and done.

So I am gone
and away
and may be

It is not in my present nature
to tell nobody
and that means
no one

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The Near Side of Bothersome

The near side
of bothersome
is when you take
things that are in
my space too personally
especially when you are
standing REALLY close to

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The Day The House Came Unravelled

The day the house came unravelled
all the children came tumbling out
they had been tied up there too
it was time
there was a slow giggling,
laughter and then a shout
Like a dark rain cloud in the sky suddenly bursting open
and all the rain rushing out out of the sky
They were rushing, gushing
oozing from every pane
Windows were thrown open
Bouncing floating children
Sliding down slides
Running in the rain.

The mothers were so happy
at the Unravelling
like a tightly wound ball of string
that it was so hard to say
“It is dinnertime. All you children
please come back in.”

So we can do this again tomorrow.

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It was a dream I was having
I was there with you
and you were there with me
We were at the Automat
in NYC (the Chrysler Building was nearby)
Gazing in the window
Wondering that maybe
And then YES
realizing that for sure
it could be
Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream
ala Mode
with multicolored jitteries
sprinkling through the air,
in your eyes and in your hair,
on your nose, stuck between
your toes ( the jitteries were stuck there
not your nose)
Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream

There you go strange dreams
Brought to you by Wear a Mask and
Inhale your own carbon dioxide
Brings all reasoning to a dead halt.

This was a Miss Birdseed Live Event

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Gliding Swans

Gliding swans
briefly pausing
to gather the glinting edges
as dragon flies dart though
the darkening shadows of
the day’s last light.

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Grocery Shopping

There is something very curious
about my grocery shopping cart
There are groceries in it that are
mine and some that aren’t

Now I guess the question is
when it time to get in line
Are you all of a sudden appear
and say
“Hey lady you are paying for yours and mine!”
Or what might most likely be the scene
Is that you you’ll wait until I am paid and
checked out
and follow me out the door
with your brain on full turn off
and high on ignore

And then there will be a sudden movement
as you dash and grab my cart
and I scream out
“Grab that person, that person took
my cart! The one over there running
with the mask!!”
And they will say ” What did the person
look like?” ” Dunno, the person was wearing
black pants and a mask.”

Worse case scenario, no doubt.

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