To my Brother Peter

I am stuffing all my pockets
with all the Hugs and Kisses
that you are sending my way
There are so many of them
I know I will never run out of
room and what I really want to say
is when my pockets are full
I will take all those Hugs and Kisses
I will take them in my arms and squeeze them
until they overflow unto the floor and then I will
spread them all around and make room for more.

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It is raining
And the voice of the wind
is rattling and whistling at my window
Asking to be let in
to the thoughts that float
thorough my head
listening to the wind’s
lullabye as I drift off to sleep

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Evening River Walk

along the
river path
in the late afternoon light
quiet thoughts on
the museum steps
watching as dusk
falls upon the city.

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Jailbird Momma and DinoMan decided it was
time to go on the lam
So they both nabbed a cab
and headed South to Pyjama Land
And when they got there
Surprise surprise
The Immutable Law of the Sheriff Abba was
EVERYONE takes a nap in Pyjama Land
Busted flat
Not willing to take a nap
They both came back..
And that was that

( does not matter how you want to spell pyjama
you can still get busted and STILL have to take a nap.)

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Sometimes you have to
let monsters into your
They stir things up
They scream and shout
Then you can say,
“I am done. Now go away.”


and let them out.


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I Am Thinking

I am thinking
But my thinking requires
A lot of space
So if you are going to be in the aisle
Where I am
I am not intentionally
flying my thoughts
into your air space
Just take short shallow breaths
And we allllll will be just fine

and just don’t come in the store orĀ  the aisle
where I am next time.

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Morning Walk

Hungry sparrows
Bread crumbs
White haired man
conducting a private
symphony of wings

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Don’t Have to Go Crazy

Do you know where
going crazy is?

As in ” just around the bend”
But then if we are already there
it is hard to say
how it starts or when
And certainly you don’t have to
go far if you are already there
And then again for some of us

the unexpected could be

waiting for us on the corner of South and Broad
just calculating the right moment to hit us
with that magical 2 by 4.

And it could be a man wearing a woman’s wig.

Could be.

And then again….there is no then again
Stuff like this only happens once.


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A Moment

I was having a moment
in the GAP Clothing Outlet Store

It was triggered by the Chesapeake Vanilla Candle Smell
as I walked in the door.

I said, as I walked in ” I love the smell of this store it is delicious”
The sales clerk smiled as I floated into the store.
Then I was struck by the women’s tops
just hanging there.
Now here is a confession
I really must admit
I am a closet grocery aisle dancer
in time to any music in a store

Women’s tops, long sleeved
that they were
Looked like they could use a little
dancing with
A momentary thought to me did occur

I took one by the arm
As if just to look
And the dancing thought
was just about to happen

then it didn’t

it faded into background
as my adult brain took charge

It said, “this is not a grocery store,
this is a little too obvious and there are
no grocery aisles in which to hide the
shenanigans you are sometimes prone to
display those shenanigans that your husband
says make you odd in a odd special kind of way.”




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I Never Say Hello

I never say hello
to the food I eat
So when someone asks
me what is that green stuff
stuff that is stuck between
your teeth
or that orange stuff on your tongue
I’m confused or I don’t remember
Because I never say hello or have my
food introduceĀ  themselves to me before I eat

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