Eggplants are Eatable

Eggplants are eatable
but you can’t hide them in your
They are not like small potatoes
or shoe size smooth rocks
You can’t send them to school lunch
(by mistake) in a brown paper bag
They will definately not be eatable
by the time that they got there

And the look on your child’s face
will be one of wishing she had a potato

at least it is microwavable not like an
eggplant which to be eatable

you have to bake

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I Would Like

I would like to drink
my cornflakes or even muffins
through a straw
and that’s not all
I would like to eat my spagetti
with a knife
if it means I get to stay up later
because it could take me all night.

that is what I would like if I was four.

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Salutations and Permutations

Salutations and Permutations
Is my greeting for today
I gladly wave and say
to all that pass my way

Especially if the Permutation
is two metres and the wave of Salutation
is from across the street

Keep your “achoos” and “hackity hacks”
under your mask
if we chance to meet

It is just better for those of us
that believe in the Germ Theory

And this is just fine until we get
our second shots in 2 more weeks.

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A Wish Of the Time

Wishing a time of
uncommon tenderness
upon you all
A time of kindness
without duress
a time to draw upon
strength when faltering
but not to fall
A time to take the time
a time of uncommon tenderness.

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Bug Spa

There are bugs
in my dehumidifier
It must have happened
When I turned off the light
They are the kind of bugs
that look left and look right
And sneak in during the night

They thought it was a spa for bugs


And now they are dead

(Got to put these thoughts down
they are important
for some people)

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There were some spiders
that snuck in with the wash
Well you know what happened


They were squashed

Best to walk away on this one.

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Buttons and Loops

” I think you are missing a loop in the back”
said the girl to her mother
who was getting older and
starting to let loose her buttons
as they rolled onto the floor
she tried to gather them up
but as she was laughing so hard about
the missing loop

her buttons
rolled away

so many buttons
maybe they will be found
another day

or possibly next week

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I have to wear my earrings
When I lie down on my bed
They are the weights
that keep me from floating away
And they hold down my head
that has a tendency to run away
with wild ideas and thoughts about
things that could and
might be hiding in lieu of a better place
to be

I am sure there are better ways
to keep my head from floating away
but this is the cheapest and most
attractive solution (on such Short Notice)
that I could come up with today

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in the ongoing
window of time
what is reality and
what is implied
what is a subtle
slight of hand
that is meant to be diplomatic
and discreetly applied
as the matter demands
us to be crossing our
fingers behind our backs
and smile while we lie
gluileless lies so sublime

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Bug in a Rug

Snugly in a rug the little bug
And then in with the vacumn
the cleaning maid
Up into the vacumn the little bug
Snug as a bug in a vacumn
no assonance to that
no sense either

So the bug crawled out
and found another rug to sleep in
In a house with no maid and no vacumn

snug as a bug in a maidless house rug

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