Hand in Hand

Lady Lily Pifflesqueek went for a walk
she needed to find
her Auntie Birdseed to talk
about the thoughts she had been having
as they sat side by side
hand in hand
on the Beach
with their toes in the Sand

“Do you know at night
When I am there on Beach
I like to listen to roar of the
waves as their sounds fill the my ears
I want to take them home as get
ready to go to bed.
I want to hear them
as I am sleeping
in my head.”

“Can you do that for me Auntie?
Can you send those sounds to me? “

Miss Auntie Birdseed thought for a while
for a answer
deep in thought
“I think, perhaps, my dear Lady Lily Pifflesqueek,
the truth be told that I will try my best to catch them
for you but some of sounds are just bolder and  bigger than the air and might not
fit into the package I would send to where you live, over there.”

Perhaps the wings of your imagination will have to put those nighttime
sounds in your ears.

But thank you for asking me, Lady Pifflesqueek, my dear.

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  1. Berenbach says:

    Loved this Leah!!
    Shabbat Shalom.

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