The Boy and His Leaves

Once there was a little boy
who the leaves loved to chase
they swirled around his feet and legs
and danced up in his face
One day he said, ” Hey you leaves, I like you better
when you are waving and smiling from the trees
Not when you are on the ground all tangled up in me!
He quickly raced down the street all the leaves following in mad
pursuit  the boy they loved to chase
Taking a left at the corner and on to the sea
Stopping at the water’s edge the boy turned and said,
“Now see here you leaves.
“Go find another boy to chase. Stop bothering me!
And turning his head  he marched off instead of waiting to see what the leaves would do.
It was starting to get dark and his mother might worry for he was
still a little boy too
The leaves turned red in shame.
They loved this little boy. It was all in fun, just a game.
So quietly, softly, gently dipping in air they carried the little boy home
Covering him up as he slept so he would not  be alone.

The little boy and his leaves


This is for Ithamar who thinks the leaves are chasing him

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