Mr Metoo

I have a little grandson
His name is Metoo
Where ever you are going
he wants to be with you
He is a totally creative about
what he wants to do
And he always wants to make sure he is doing it
with and just for you!
It can be the flamboyant use of stickers
Or crayoning the floor and perhaps the wall
He does not crave your attention he just wants to
have it all.
He’ll convince you wearing bike helmets are pre-fect-ly
acceptable in bed
You never know when you are going to crash in your sleep
or perhaps fall on your head.
He will argue on the finer points of what ever it might be
with the indisputable logic of someone that is older than he.

But then again he used to be the Angry Rhinoceros, so this is an
improvement over what he used to be.



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