passing the time

there were three elephants
having a conversation
up upon a shelf
(as opposed to down upon a shelf)
I could barely over hear them
and yes I was by myself

they were planning
a little bit of
a rampaging
up there upon the shelf
well it did occur to me
in my overhearing moment
that maybe they would
perhaps have to jump off
the shelf for the rampaging
to a be real riotous rampaging
as elephants starting and not really stopping
until an ENORMOUS amount of damage is done
is probably a recommended method for accomplishing rampaging.

but seeing as when they were
talking about this and I was barely overhearing
it is possible that their lips (elephants do have lips) were not really moving .

so a safe conclusion could be made is that there is no rampaging to be had.

and they were just passing the time there
up upon the shelf  (as opposed to down upon the shelf)

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