It was very quiet
And they were together in the room
Mr Nothing Happened and His Little
Friend , Mr I Was Just Flying Airplanes
And Making Them Go Zoom

The Chair of NO NO was half way out the door….
there was an air of complicity emanating from both of
their bold stares
A look of wanting to be anywhere but THERE.

Quiet is as quiet does
When together the things that little boys do
So we will just roll with it for  now
They are being just who they are
For them every day is new

So they will will just have to figure out again

and we will be ready
especially when it is quiet





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2 Responses to Quiet

  1. Leslie Ben-kiki says:

    Love the lives of our grandchildren and the tbings they do. Shush..

  2. lrfendrich says:

    oh hello my friend with her many grandchildren….yes and we do

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