Cheeseball Display Massacre

It was in the heat of the battle
of the good brain and the bad
as I came around the corner
with a case of frantic shopping and
a bad case of jet lag
It was just a gentle tap
with the edge of my cart
As the huge buckets of cheeseballs
went rolling to the floor
They lay there vaguely wounded
in a stunned kind of way
It was the heat of battle that made me
act this way I did not want them to
suffer but they just got in the way
I gently picked up the scattered and wounded
and put them back on display with the check out
girls applauding on that topsy turvey day

That was  the Cheeseball Display Massacre
at Staples and I am now on my way to see if it
gets better at CVS or even Keyfood in America

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3 Responses to Cheeseball Display Massacre

  1. Leslie says:

    Ha ha! I can just see you kicking those cheese balls down the isle. Hey how about a nice game of bacci! or cheese ball golf!

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