More Better Beets

For those of us
with cholesterol
we have a cake for you
but your paredims must
shift and not stick like glue
it is a cake of velvet chocolate
made with more better beets
(that is a vegetable but no eggs or oil too)
Everyone is taking statins of generic or home-boy-mo-pathetic
they suck the fat out of your brains and give you dementia or
worse Altzheimers ( oh you are senile is that why you are laughing)….
My husband and I ate half the velvet cake
he said he could taste the dirt but he has been complaining as of late (and always)
But half is gone so the dirt that was there was by default and not a
mistake( it added to the flavor- that is the taste)
So if you want to come by we will give you a plate
and you can have a taste of the Choc Velvet Cake made
with More Better Beets

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