Just a few acknowlegements to

My husband, Alan Fendrich for getting me started on blogging and his continued technical support…
My youngest daughter Emma for her donation of her photo for my blog header
My grandsons for providing the antics and inspiration
My older children for
not blocking my emails when I send them
my short stories and poems.
and to
my Uncle Frank for his ongoing encouragement as a “prejudiced family member”
Many thanks

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2 Responses to Just a few acknowlegements to

  1. Katie says:

    Happy to be here…you will finally have a world of your own, Miss Bird Seed! Thanks for the invite to share it. Looking foward to it. Pictures of the new quilt, please?

    • lrfendrich says:

      Ah yes the quilt that flew to Hong Kong.
      Give me 24-48 hours and you will have
      a quilt picture and a poem to boot.

      Miss Birdseed

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