A Poem for Your Mom

By Eli

Your Mom woke me up and asked me to send this to you… it’s not so polished and poetic like she’d write, but I think she’ll like it nonetheless.


I never really got your Mom the way I should have

But you want to know something, sometimes it takes time

And she was very patient.

And she knew we’d get her

So here’s what I think

We live in a world where everyone is so impressed

Impressed with their money

Impressed with my money

But you knew her

And she told us our family started the great country of America

She told you your blood came to America on the Mayflower

Died on the Titanic because women and children first is the right thing to do

She taught you that was who you are to do the right thing

Mom was ill she saw her mind slipping away

She wasn’t who she was anymore

And it was time to go

And she didn’t leave a note, but she left you a blog and a million memories

And she told you how to live and to love

And now it’s up to you to honor her by, well, you know stiff upper lip and carry on

Why did God decide her mind was to go?

I don’t know, but I do know who she was and what she made you and what she gave you

And it wasn’t to mope and say why’d she leave and wasn’t I enough

But rather when her marbles where going, while she still had her mind it was time for her.

And she said

“I don’t want to be sad in the morning when
I slide out of bed
I don’t want to be an old lady
Even if it comes before I am dead”

And she knew God had scrambled her marbles and she

didn’t want to be sad like she was

And, my children, I am telling you for sure she didn’t want you to be sad in the morning

and to remind you of a few Mom stories:

She gave people hot water bottles because they were cold and didn’t give a rot that they were all rich and she was someone who had enough and didn’t need or want more than that

She read stranger’s kid’s stories and gave them Koolaid because that was what good women do… quietly and without fanfare (and thinking back, I’ll bet she never even told that kid’s Mom what she was doing) because that was who she was

I tell you something, my children, if you give up or lose your will because of her she’ll be surprised.

She gave you everything you need.

She expects you to go marching on

Josh told me the message for us in the Parsha Bereshit this week.

Don’t blame and don’t hide in the bushes.

Step forward in life and help people and do the right thing and don’t be all impressed with how much they have because you have enough and you are more than enough because you are Mom’s kids

Your Mom was amazing

I used to go to parties and gatherings and just watch her across the room loving people and smiling and laughing and making them laugh

And that, my children, is what she would have wanted us to do — of that I am sure

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