I Made You A Quilt

I made you a quilt because I was no longer mad
I made you a quilt when you turned off the lights
and walked out the front door to a new adventure
where the past was needed no more
I made you a quilt when you found someone  that wanted to share
I made you a quilt to cover your bed waiting for someone to hold
when you lay down your head
I made you a quilt on special request, you wanted it, you needed it, to have one
like all the rest.
I made all the babies quilts for their beds that they should fall to sleep with dreams in their heads
I made you a crazy quilt because you are just that
I made you a quilt because your life is what it is and I am with you on that
I made you a quilt and it went to the Princess Lady Pifflesqueak
(You must admit she is rather unique)

I have made all these quilts and many more.
They are the fabric and canvas of my life
They are for all the people that I love
and are a part of me .
Everyone is individual
Made with only one in mind
They are floating pieces of  energy
Energy and love for all of time



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3 Responses to I Made You A Quilt

  1. alan says:

    I read Rabbi Cordozo talk about how the world is dying for meaning.

    We can send a message in milliseconds, Google and Facebook can watch our every move and sell it back to us.
    But only you, my Love, can make a quilt like that.

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