My newly designated job
is Dementia
Which really is just fne
It just means I get to smile
at people, maybe complain a little
( or alot) and have the option to sometimes
or never be on time
I can wander off and leave a mess
and pretend I didn’t know
or even decide to run away
“go out of town”
and not let anybody in on where I decided
to go
( As if there was really any clear plan at hand)

There is no experience or expertise needed
And there are certainly little or no expectations
And for sure because there is heavy turnover
there are many positions vacant
So click here if you want to work
with me
It should prove to be fun
If my new job is to be the Director of Dementia
There should be more people
who can apply
so I am not the only one.

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  1. Chana Berenbach says:

    Kinda sad Miss Birdseed!

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