Grocery Shopping

There is something very curious
about my grocery shopping cart
There are groceries in it that are
mine and some that aren’t

Now I guess the question is
when it time to get in line
Are you all of a sudden appear
and say
“Hey lady you are paying for yours and mine!”
Or what might most likely be the scene
Is that you you’ll wait until I am paid and
checked out
and follow me out the door
with your brain on full turn off
and high on ignore

And then there will be a sudden movement
as you dash and grab my cart
and I scream out
“Grab that person, that person took
my cart! The one over there running
with the mask!!”
And they will say ” What did the person
look like?” ” Dunno, the person was wearing
black pants and a mask.”

Worse case scenario, no doubt.

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