Don’t Be So Sensitve

If you had a better sense of humor
and were more understanding
you would just know
why I had to climb on the couch
using your shoulders, while you
were taking nap and sit on your head
to catch that tiny spider with my duster.

I know you thought it fell down your shirt
But it didn’t
At least I don’t think so
Besides you shouldn’t make a big issue of me stepping
on your toe
It was only your baby toe and it didn’t hurt but so much
I could tell ‘cose you didn’t yell at all…well not so much
that is

Honestly you didn’t want that spider to bite you,did you.
I threw it out the window just for you
(unless of course it fell down your shirt)

I just didn’t realize how sensitive you were
I mean I could just let him bite you


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2 Responses to Don’t Be So Sensitve

  1. Alan says:

    Spider bites to you too.

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