Rarebook Man

The Rarebook Man comes
quietly into the house
a deep sigh
sits in the chair
and turns on the light
The Rarebook Man opens the books
just for a look
author illustrator date
are the things that have happened
in all the years
in the library with all the friends
and family
in this house
softly closing the chapter
puts a price
Shuts the book
Turns off the light
Closes the door

Walks to his car thinking
“It is just as well, it’s time to
sell and get on with it”

So says the Rarebook Man
And he is wise for he has
read many books. Knowing the
the hardest part is coming to
end and not wanting to part
with books

that are friends


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2 Responses to Rarebook Man

  1. Leslie says:

    I always love a good book. This feels like life and death. The wanting to sit and read, to savor the story and not to have it end. But all things do come to an end. Looking back on the story is what makes it priceless.

  2. lrfendrich says:

    Thank you for reading books.

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