Snackered on the Edge

Sitting on the edge

Snackered as can be

I  think it might be catching

so don’t sit too close to me.

Mad as Hatter swimming in a cup of

Magic Tea.

Once again be careful don’t come too

close to me.

Once again I am snackered you can spread me

on a cracker or like peanut butter between two

pieces of burnt toast.

Of course it is amusing

my friends are suffering from the illusion

that I am normal as normal as can be.

That is why they think it is okay that I have been

invited to a wedding of the Royal Family that is

being shown on T.V.

Yes, I am snackered as snackered as can be.

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One Response to Snackered on the Edge

  1. Leslie says:

    Dear Miss Birdseed,
    Want to know exactly how “snackered” I am?? I kept searching for instead of Thanks for the claifying the correct web address (and for un-snackering me, for today). Loved the poem. Mrs Chockfullofnuts (the heavenly coffee)

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