The Postman

The postman stopped as
he put the letters in the doors
of the houses every day of the city with
the skyline that you can see as you look
beyond the trees.

“Is there something you want to ask me?”

I looked up at him after bending down
to pick up the mitten I had dropped on the street

” Do you watch the clouds  as they
drift in the wind in the night where you can
see them in the trees in the city with
the skyline?”

I figured he would understand if I said something,
Something to think about as he put letters in the
doors of the houses everyday in the city with the

The postman stopped and said with a smile,
like he was trying to understand, “You are so funny.”

Yes, I know, maybe so.


Maybe he will stop and  look up when he goes home,
and see the clouds passing over the rooftops, through the trees
of the city with the skyline, at night.

Maybe so.



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