The Whatevers

The whatevers never get you
whereever ,whenever, however
you need to be
It is just another form of procrastination
that keeps you from going where you
will clearly see

It is characterized by a shoulder
shrug and can be dismissed as
a gesture that is fairly benign
But it really takes a pro to read
between the lines.

It is the same as I dunno,
I am dodo or sure beats
me.  Clear as mud means
brain molecules have stopped
their working, on vacation so to
speak….on vacation and won’t
be available or thinking for at least
a week (or even more if the “Whatevers”
come to stay)

Whatevers are a good way to end
a conversation that has no end in sight
gently drifting off to sleep without



and leaving someone else to turn off the light





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