Tidal Waves

Tidal waves thoughts
Are just rolling right in
Should I fight it or say
I give up, I am beat, you are right
You win
What do do about the frozen chicken
Unthawed, uncooked, too young to be dead
never having a chance to roost and grow little
And other things like after shaving
Why are those loooonnng hairs still
upon my legs?
And just as a personal side
If one would decide it is necessary to run away
What would one take and
Where would one hide?
I was thinking maybe the library.
I am Slim and there are lots of books and stacks
I could pick an unobtrusive one
A stack in the back and slip myself in
Where no one would find me
Or curl up in the book return bin

Or perhaps it would just be better
to just go for a walk
And then when the sunrise was
more than over
Call a friend for a long talk

The thought of trying to get out of the book bin
is rather unappealing especially after the library
is locked.

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